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Speaking and Writing

Speaking Opportunities 

From providing international keynotes to leading innovative and new ways of thinking with bespoke sessions leadership and sales teams David Whyley is and engaging communicator who can match the needs of the event whilst at the same time stimulate fresh ideas and new ways of thinking.


David is an effective author – From authoring whole books on educational technology implementation ( Adopt 2008) to writing targeted articles for the Ed tech press David is able to use his wealth of experience to match the focus of clients with the enjoyment and engagement of the reader.

Services to Companies

Market insight - Educational Technology market perspective and product review

Strategic advice - for implementing and marketing new and existing products

Developing New productsfrom innovation via product development to initial marketing strategy

Developing the channel -  training of sales and channel team

Expert educational analysisof products and their impact on teaching and learning

Authoring -  writing supporting schemes of learning and creating professional development models

Orchestrating insights -  from a range of partners, customers and the wider educational community.

Supporting Bid Proposals

Research Workproviding educational research background for products and services

Services to Schools and MATS

  • Deep audit of current technology deployment and usage

  • Leadership support and advice to MAT Boards, Head teachers , leadership teams and digital technology lead teachers

  • Strategic planning for change management

  • Strategic Planning for technology purchase, implementation and use

  • Developing a whole school technology approaches to deliver school aims and target teaching and learning ambitions

  • Support Benchmarking and documenting progress

  • Curriculum development and support - Student digital capabilities progression.

  • Software and hardware advice

  • Staff CPD Planning

  • Support for Innovation and showcasing

  • Liaising with external companies

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