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Company Background

WhytekConsulting provides bespoke consultancy, training and support services in the field of educational technology. With over 35 years of experience in education, this award winning consultancy service works with a wide range of clients from individual schools to international companies. Please see below a sample of the services avaialbe to potential clients.

Services to Companies

  • Strategic advice
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Educational Technology Market Perspective
  • Orchestrating insights from a range of partners, customers and the educational community.
  • Supporting Bid Proposals
  • Developmental Training
  • Research Project Work

Services to Schools

  • Briefing, support and advice to HT, SLT and digital technology lead
  • Strategic Planning for technology purchase, implementation and use
  • Developing a whole school approach to creating a technology ecosystem to deliver school aims
  • Benchmarking and documenting progress
  • Staff CPD Planning and delivery
  • Curriculum development and support
  • Software and hardware advice
  • Support for Innovation and showcasing
  •  Liaising with external companies